Month: March 2020

Bangkok- The Confluence of Hinduism and Thai Culture, The World’s Best and Most Popular City

Bangkok is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. It’s the world’s top tourist location undeniably, MasterCard put Bangkok on the top spot about international travelers visiting in the GDC Index in 2018, and even above London as it registered 20 million visitors in 2017. Bangkok held the same position even in 2017 and 2016. And it’s the world’s best city by many agencies. It’s the main gateway through which the travelers arrive at Thailand. And Bangkok is being visited by quite a good number of international tourists coming to the country. The domestic tourists are being also registered in good number as well. It was quite astounding to note that around 26,861,095 Thai, as well as 11,361,808 foreign visitors, came to Bangkok in 2010. Also, the lodging registered around 15,031,244 guests, that occupied around 49.95 of the city 86,867 hotel rooms. It happens to be the world’s most popular tourist destination in 2017 rankings.

You will find here multi-faceted sights, as well as city life is good enough to attract a diverse group of tourists. The Royal palaces as well as the temples, and also several museums constitute the major historical as well as cultural tourists attractions. You will also find here a wide range of choices as well as prices as you go out to do shopping as well as dining. 

If you are looking for budget accommodations as well as economical shopping then undoubtedly the best location for you is the Khao San Road. 

Some of Bangkok’s well-known site is the Grand Palace as well as the popular Buddhist temples, which includes Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho. The Giant Swing, as well as Erawan Shrine, demonstrates the Hinduism deep-rooted influence on the Thai culture. The Vimanmek Mansion located in the Dusit Palace in quite famous as the World’s largest building made out of teak. The Jim Thompson House is a perfect example of Thai architecture. Some other major museums are the Bangkok National Museum as well as the Royal Barge National Museum. If you are fond of Cruises as well as boat trips then you need to visit Chao Phraya and Thonburi’s canals that offer some of the mesmerizing views of city’s traditional architecture as well as the ways of life around the waterfront. 

Bangkok is center for shopping as well in South East Asia, and many shopping regions can be cited here that are popular among both tourists as well as locals, and that ranges from the shopping center as well as the departmental stores, which are webbed in Siam as well as Ratchaprasong to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Also quite popular is the Taling Chan Floating Market, and is amongst the few such markets in the Bangkok. You will find a lot of street sides food stalls as well as shops at Yaowarat. And you can find the food stalls as well as restaurants all over the city. The Khao San Road has also been quite known as backpackers destination as you can find here a lot of budget accommodation as well as shops, and that attracts a lot of visitors from throughout the world.